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Is Data Protection a Relevant Indicator for Measuring Corporate Reputation?

By Isabella Corradini and Enrico Nardelli


Over the last few years the importance of reputation has grown both for individuals and organizations, especially because of the Internet and social media platforms. Considering the value of data and information, corporate reputation also passes through companies’ ability to protect sensitive customers’ data. When compromised, after a cyberattack or a data breach, one of the most important risks for a company is the loss of customers’ trust and the negative impact for future business. Therefore, privacy and security data should be considered as a priority for organizations to safeguard trust and business. In literature, models measuring reputation consider several dimensions, such as leadership, vision, corporate social responsibility, emotional attractiveness.

In this paper we analyse the relationship between cyber-threats and reputation and, on the basis of models available in literature, we discuss the possibility of including data protection among indicators for measuring corporate reputation.

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  • Anno/Year: July 2020

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