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Monday, 14 June 2021

EDEN Conference on data protection in law enforcement - October 2021

On October 18th and 19th, the Metropolitan City of Rome will host the 7th edition of the “EDEN conference on data protection in Law Enforcement”, whose title will be “Human after all: data protection in policing”.

The event will be co-organized by the Italian Central Directorate of Criminal Police along with Europol and the European Academy of Law (ERA); as for the previous editions, the EDEN conference will provide a wonderful and valuable opportunity to share and discuss data protection issues in law enforcement sector along with the related topics.

The driving subject of the conference panels will focus on the “human factor in data protection”. By fact, personal data are not just a cold bunch of bytes as they indeed refer to people, to their rights, their freedom, their jobs, fears and desires.

As data protection is eventually becoming a highly technical subject matter, it is increasing the risk of diverting the focus from the protection of individuals in all their expressions.

It is hence urgent to promote a solid culture of data protection so as to recast a central role for the individuals in the overall subject.

The conference will see contributions from highly recognized speakers of great international resonance discussing topics such as cybersecurity, data bias and so on. Moreover, the conference will also host the annual meeting of the Data Protection Officers (DPOs) of the EU Member States’ Police forces.

All in all, EDEN conference is an exceptionally valuable occasion for sharing points of view with data protection professionals, DPOs and other experts from both the industry and the academical world with the aim of facilitating a fruitful debate between law enforcement and civil world.

For further details on the registration process along with references on the past editions, please refer to the continuously updated website of the EDEN conference

Watch the video about EDEN Conference on You Tube