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Saturday, 02 May 2020

Building a Cybersecurity Culture in Organizations. How to bridge the gap between people and digital technology Featured

The main issue in cybersecurity is “the human factor”. We need to build a Cybersecurity Culture. In this book the author, Isabella Corradini, presents how to do it using a psychosocial approach.

This book published by Springer offers a practice-oriented guide to developing an effective cybersecurity culture in organizations. It provides a psychosocial perspective on common cyberthreats affecting organizations, and presents practical solutions for leveraging employees’ attitudes and behaviours in order to improve security.
Cybersecurity, as well as the solutions used to achieve it, has largely been associated with technologies. In contrast, this book argues that cybersecurity begins with improving the connections between people and digital technologies. By presenting a comprehensive analysis of the current cybersecurity landscape, the author discusses, based on literature and her personal experience, human weaknesses in relation to security and the advantages of pursuing a holistic approach to cybersecurity, and suggests how to develop cybersecurity culture in practice.
Organizations can improve their cyber resilience by adequately training their staff. Accordingly, the book also describes a set of training methods and tools. Further, ongoing education programmes and effective communication within organizations are considered, showing that they can become key drivers for successful cybersecurity awareness initiatives. When properly trained and actively involved, human beings can become the true first line of defence for every organization.

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Themis editions - italian onlyThemis editions - italian only

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