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Awareness in the online use of digital technologies of Italian Students

By Isabella Corradini and Enrico Nardelli

In recent years, the topic of the responsible online use of digital technologies has become particularly relevant. The importance – for an appropriate use – of knowing the basic concepts and principles of these technologies is unfortunately too often neglected. In this paper we present the outcomes of a study based on the answers of 2.422 teachers involved in the Italian project “Programma il Futuro”, whose main goal is to spread informatics culture in schools.

According to the teacher’s perception, students generally have a scarce awareness level to risks (e.g., bullying, harassment, fraud, etc.) they are exposed to when online. In fact, 43% of the sample reports a low awareness, 37% average, 18% good and 2% very good. Parents and teachers have a key role in developing a responsible online behaviour of students, and educational activities are sorely needed to strengthen awareness.

In 11th International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation (ICERI-2018), pages 7036-7042, Sevilla, Spain, Novembre 2018. ISBN 978-84-09-05948-5. ISSN 2340-1095.

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  • Anno/Year: 2018