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On burnout perception among secondary school teachers: a pilot study

Burnout is a stress phenomenon widely described in literature (e.g. Freudenberger, 1974; Maslach 1976; Maslach, Schaufeli and Leiter, 2001, 2009; Cherniss, 1980). It concerns particularly helping professions, as medical and social work professions, but it is increasingly found in any workplace, due to the higher and higher rate of organizational and procedural changes. The focus of our pilot study is the evaluation of teacher’s burnout perception based on the analysis of the following categories defining the professional realization: personal expectations, satisfaction elements, discrepancy elements, perception and management of work difficulties. The study has involved 74 Italian secondary school teachers aged between 25 and 64 (F:24,3%; M:75,7%) from central regions of Italy. The sample completed a subjective multiple response questionnaire on burnout perception (Corradini, Paolinelli, 2016). The sample was stratified with respect to the following variables: age (Percentage/Range 25-34: 6.8%; 35-44: 28.4%; 45-54: 29.7%; 55-64: 35.1%); teaching seniority (Percentage/Range 1-10: 35,1%; 11-21: 25,7%; 21-30: 17.6%; more than 30: 21.6%), gender, and balanced in term of employment status and level of education.

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  • Anno/Year: 2016-2017

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